Saturday, October 8, 2011


This is surreal cool.  I'm writing in a bloga real live blog that hopefully looks right.  I am here in an internet world that I know is meaningfully tangible.  Yet, I can't really see the whole scope of that world from space or my computer screen.  

In any case, I have never before rendered a word in such a world from this perspective.  Besides getting used to all of that, I'm trying to stay coherent to announce Air.

The latter is the first book in a trilogy that I am making presentable.   For those of you that are not yet party to the plunge, you can sample and buy the Air ebook here.  Alternatively, you can preview Air as a large print paperback or buy it here.

I feel like I am experiencing the shock or lunatic high of having bungee jumped over an ocean cliff, believing that the cord to which my foot is attached will bolster me in my flight.  In that metaphor, I suppose the cord would be the broad stretch of online publishing possibility.  Air would be the discrete jump itself.

Still, the prospect of falling through something that I can't see, yet that is all around meeven with the swankiest of cords with the bungiest of spring constantsis a little more than humbling too.  Perhaps the act of detaching the cord after the jump correlates to letting go of this thing that I createdgiving up the novella to the elements.  Gosh.

Well, here's to fortitude and beginnings!  To you willing buyers of my first novellathank you.  I thank each and every one of you for being my airmy supportive medium that makes it worthwhile to jump at all.  

That about sums me up.  I have chucked myself through Airthat last word being real, darkly thrilling, yet hopeful entertainment that is soon-to-be available, 24/7/365, for download.  After you read it, feel free to weigh in about it as the feeling strikes you.  

I'm off as a first time fiction author.  Feel free to weigh in about the ambience, or the look of this blog too.  Hmm, what a concepttalking waves of air. . .