Thursday, March 1, 2012


Imagine my surprise to find that fourteen words in my book overlap with a vocabulary building list for Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) preparation!  The words common to both are:
  1. anathema
  2. credulity (as incredulous)
  3. defile
  4. effrontery
  5. insidious
  6. malevolent
  7. salient
  8. sanguine
  9. staid
  10. surreptitious (as surreptitiously)
  11. tacit
  12. venerate (as venerable)
  13. verdant
  14. vex (as vexation)

I remember preparing years in advance for my SAT test.  It involved taking plenty of time to make my own flash cards and amass knowledge of context by reading newspapers, magazines, and--of course--books.  In that vein, I recommend: 
  1. buying and reading Air.  
  2. going to Goodreads to take the quiz about how the above words are used for meaning and in the story:
Goodreads Quiz
Air (Air Trilogy Book 1) Quiz
10 questions
take quiz

Beware that neither learning the above words, nor participating in the quiz guarantees any SAT points!  Nevertheless, the free quiz makes for a fun and helpful study break, besides giving a few handles for remembering what the words mean on encountering them elsewhere.


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